Wedding Frequently Asked Questions!

Who will be our wedding photographer?
We never subcontract out our weddings. Most of the time we book only one wedding on any given day.

Can we order extra prints or add more pages to our wedding album?
Yes – the wedding package you select is only a basic starting point. You can add to the package including adding more pages to your wedding album, Parents albums, Extra prints, Framed wall portraits, and a lot more.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We use only professional camera equipment and lightening with many other special photographic tools to capture your wedding day.
Using digital lets us shoot faster and take more photos than ever and allows us to create fantastin photos at your wedding.

Can you stay longer then the contracted time?
Yes we can and we would love to. If you need extra time we would be glad to stay longer and capture more of your wedding day. Extra time can be added on at $200 an hour.

How much time do you need for the formal photos?
This will depend on how many group shots you’d like.
For the most poplar 6 portraits, we suggest 12min.

The Bride, The Groom, The Bride and Groom together
The Bridal Party, The Bride’s immediate family
The Groom’s immediate family

You should expect each group shot on average to take around 2 minutes each so if you want 30 different group shots then you need to set aside an hour for the 30 group shots.

We will take many bride and groom photos and they can take up to 30 minutes

Can we suggest different or additional group shots?
Yes that’s not a problem as long as we have extra time and everyone is ready when called up for the photos. We do want to spend up to 30min with just the bride and groom for photos.

Our church or (synagogue) has a time restriction How will this affect our group photos?
Many churches (and other venues) have set time restrictions.
Unfortunately this may cut into to the time for taking the in church formal photos.

If your venue has a time restriction please let us know so we can work with you to make other arrangements for taking the photos that the time will not allow.

If the time is short we suggest that we take all the portraits for the bride then bride and groom first before moving on the the large group shots.

Many churches have special rules that photographers have to abide by. How do you deal with that.
Most churches do have some kind of rule that they want the photographer to abide by. We have been doing this a long time and over the years I think we have run into just about every church rule around.

We are well equipped to handle any church regulations that need to be followed. We use low light lens and can shoot from the back of the church with no problem. We can use flash or not use flash as needed.

When are the payments for our wedding coverage due?
Most weddings are booked with a non refundable $400 retainer to hold your wedding date with us.
The balance amount is due one week before the wedding date. Our small one hour beach wedding packages are due in full at the time of booking.

We can accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card and Paypal

How many photos do you shoot?
This will depend on the amount of time included in the wedding package you have and on the wedding day events. If the bride and groom are having a lot of fun and dancing then we will take more photo then if the wedding has no dancing.

Beach wedding package typically include 65 to 150 photos  in your package.

Most larger weddings of 5 to 6 hours we provide 300 to 600 images.

Many photos we take are what we call background images. A background image is a image we may use as the canvas background on one of your wedding album pages we design.

We also many times shoot two or three of the same shot so we can pick the best one so everyone looks their best.

What kind of wedding albums do you offer
We have many different albums to pick from – from single image a page albums to full montage albums.

All our albums include a front and back cover image you pick.

What kind of prints are the photos?
All our prints are professional on real photographic paper on a Matte finish.  The lab doing the printing caters to professional photographers.

Fine art canvas prints can take up to 3 weeks to come in. We offer many size prints in both standard and fine art canvas.

How do you dress for the wedding?
We maintain a professional appearance at your wedding.

Black or light brown pants and white or black shirts. For beach weddings in the hot summer months we may dress in dress shorts it can be 100 degrees or more out on the beach.

Do you make a proof book for us?
No we no longer offer a proof book as part of most of our wedding packages. Your package typically comes with a master DVD of images. All wedding packages include a on-line password protected gallery for 60 days.

What are your travel fees
Travel fees will be different from location to location and we love to travel. Please Call for a price quote. If its more then a few hours driving time we will drive over or fly over the day before and spend the night in a hotel and then be fresh for your wedding day. We will then stay the night on the wedding day and drive back or fly back the day after the wedding.

What is the best time of day for a beach wedding?
Beach weddings can be fantastic but you do want to have your wedding at the right time of the day to make sure your photos come out as best as they can and your guests are comfortable.

The best time for a beach wedding on the coast is one hour before sunset for many reasons.

When starting one hour before sunset your wedding will end at just the right time for shooting the group shoots and then bride and grooms photos using the best light of the day, sunset. Also at sunset we can take photos that we can not take at any other time of the day. The water also looks it’s best at sunset.

Many wedding company’s may suggest another time for you wedding do to the fact that they all ready have the sunset time booked. Do not let them push you into a afternoon or even before sunset wedding anything before one hour before the sunset time.. The problems you will run into are heat. in the summer time it is very hot on the beach and if your wedding is in the afternoon you will be sweating and your guests will be very hot and will all want to keep sun glasses on for all the photos. The sun is very bright and reflects off the white sand back into you face making it almost impossible to keep your eyes open. A wedding at the wrong time of day will result in photos with everyone squinting and uncomfortable from the heat.